About Streamlytics

At Streamlytics we're using data science to measure what content people are watching and listening to across streaming platforms.

Today, so much of the way we consume media is migrating from digital to streaming. If fact, paid streaming service subscriptions have grown 450% over the last decade while 61% (of viewers) watch television primarily through streaming services.*

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This is where we find the problem: the majority of this streaming data is siloed. When majority of your data is stored in the service that is hosting the media, there is a lack of transparency that exists leading to inaccurate and skewed reporting. This an unnecessary void of critical insights for a decision maker. Streamlytics fills that void with robust, time sensitive data presented in digestible insights to validate your decision making process.

Our Mission

We believe data is the currency of the future. Users who drive many of today’s leading internet platforms should own their data and be compensated for it. We’re leveling the playing field by democratizing access to streaming media data for both users and companies who want to leverage it.