How Streamlytics Works

Streamlytics uses data science to measure what content users are watching and listening to across streaming platforms.

We’re the only platform that sources accurate streaming data directly from the source. Our focus is on the streaming account used to interact with media versus the device (Smart TV, phone, tablet, etc) the media is displayed on.

We use highly targeted consumer facing applications to access consumer media consumption from demographics who consume media the most. Those users opt-in to share their streaming data across platforms and are compensated for sharing their data.

How the technology works:

Once connected through one of our Streamlytics applications our platform collects media consumption in three ways:

  1. A user’s existing streaming media consumption data, across platforms
  2. Self-reported media consumption data
  3. Passive media consumption data

This information is transformed into a data license, where users own their media consumption habits and are compensated for it.

User agrees to
Terms of Use
Streaming data
is collected
Data license
is created
User is paid
for data

When an API call or input request is made from either the Streamlytics Insights Pro dashboard or by direct access to our API we display correlations between those inputs. A single or combination of input requests can be made based on various data points that we store, for example: Artist, actress, genre, streaming platform, user activity, etc.

For instance, if a request is made that passes along 1 music artists (A), 1 actress,(B) a genre (C) and a streaming platform (D), Streamlytics will incorporate these anonymized vertices into our machine learning models in order to draw associations between A,B,C,D and further refine Streamlytics Outputs.

Our Commitment to User Privacy

Streamlytics is an advocate for data privacy. We go to great lengths to make sure users understand the terms of use they are agreeing to when using one of our applications. All users must opt-in to share isolated data with Streamlytics. Additionally, once a user opts-in, Streamlytics creates a data license that the user owns, ensuring that the user is the owner of his or her data. The data license gives Streamlytics access and rights to utilize the user’s data in our API, that in turn powers our Business Intelligence platform. The data license also allows Streamlytics to sell their media consumption data in aggregate with PII (Personal Identifying Information) stripped. Users always have the ability to download all of their data from our service and use it as they please, after all… it’s your data. Finally, and because we understand how valuable our users’ data is, we compensate them for sharing this data.